What is Involved in Proper Winter HVAC Maintenance?

Having in-laws over this winter? Remember to make sure your heating maintenance is up to date! Avoid the paranoia and get your heating service and maintenance done by Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating. We service neighborhoods around Fresno.

The holidays are a great time to play host and friends and family over. This is all the more reason you need to be more conscious of all the things that might potentially go wrong. A good host would make sure there’s enough blankets, pillows, and accommodation for all. You also need to be sure that there’s enough turkey and festive drinks to go around and that the tree is kept fresh.

Cold Season HVAC and Heating System Service

Did you ever stop to worry about your home furnace and heater system breaking down, leaving your guests cold and wanting to go home?

We are a reliable heating and air conditioning service company ready to assist at a moment’s notice. We are a team of experienced HVAC technicians licensed to handle all manner of home comfort systems in the Fresno Valley. If and when your system does fall into disrepair, you can call us anytime and we’ll be there to help.

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Avoid Emergencies With Regular Central Heating Maintenance

But you can avoid this emergency call by making sure to get routine maintenance and service. In addition to the standard seasonal tune up that we offer, here are some other things that you can do to increase the efficiency of your home comfort system.

Turning off the thermostat – many households will turn off their thermostats, thinking that warm blankets will keep them warm through the night. The assumption is that you’re saving energy. But in reality, your entire system will be working at full capacity in the morning to bring your home’s indoor temperature back to a reasonable level. This actually consumes more energy than leaving the thermostat on overnight. Keep your heater on and try to keep your temperature as consistent as you can.

Smart thermostats during the day – as the temperature heats up during the day and the sun shines through the windows, it’s wise to give your furnace a break, especially if the temperature outside is warm. Smart thermostats give you the utmost control of your home heater. Straight from your computer or smartphone, you can control the temperature of your home to whatever suits your needs.

Do not block the sun – in rooms with windows, you want to make sure that the sun gets in so you can warm the room without paying for heating. You’ll want to make sure all curtains are open, the windows are clean, and that all south facing windows are left uncovered.

Heating Maintenance From Local Professionals

Form a partnership with a trusted contractor to stay warm and comfortable throughout winter, and avoid unexpected unit breakdowns and malfunctions. Be prepared through routine maintenance and tune up. Call us today- A planned visit can make sure you are prepared for the next bomb cyclone.

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