Protect Yourself From Poor Indoor Air – Air Conditioning Tips

Both residential and commercial buildings are constantly exposed to pollutants and contaminants. A weird smell lingering in the room, in the living space, or in study room right after turning on the AC is an early sign of possible pollutants inhabiting in your air conditioning system.

More serious signs of the existence of contaminants include irritation of the nose, throat, and eyes, headache, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, and fatigue. We do not want to expose our family to this type of threat, especially if we have a family member that is sensitive to these pollutants or has an existing medical condition.

How Your Home AC System Causes Poor Air Quality

home ac systemBy keeping a clean home cooling system, you secure the wellness of your family. One of the most basic ways to keep your cooling unit free of dirt is to clean the filter every six months. If you have the basic knowledge on how to clean the filter, you won’t have to hire an HVAC contractor to do the work for you.

However, cleaning the filter might not be enough. Seeking the assistance of a professional for the maintenance and tune up of your AC will keep it fully function and energy efficient. Talk to one of the skilled technicians at Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating today.

So, how does air conditioning threaten your family’s health? Here’s how…

1. Usually home cooling units recirculate indoor air to save energy. Because of this, some contaminants get circulated along with the cooled air.
2. Without proper maintenance (cleaning or replacement of filters, unclogging duct lines), airflow becomes restricted and limited.
3. When filters are dirty or not cleaned thoroughly, allergens, pesticides, and other outside irritants can enter and circulate within your house.

There are other factors that contribute to diminishing the quality of oxygen inside the house. Some are just lying around your home.

1. Appliances that use gas or gas products should burn clean and free of harmful by-products. Irritating gasses can cause wheezing even in people without asthma.
2. Home cleaning products that have volatile organic compounds (VOC) can also cause irritation and affect the quality of oxygen we breathe in. VOCs mix with the air in a form of gas could pose harmful effects.
3. Adorable pets can trigger allergic reactions too.

Breathe In Clean Air While Cooling Down

When you visit this blog post, you will find more helpful tips in keeping your AC unit thoroughly cleaned and properly maintained. In Fresno and across its surrounding communities, Marthedal prides itself on providing comfort systems to households in need of proper home AC service.

Grab the opportunity and enroll in the preventive maintenance program where loyal customers could avail of a discounted service fee in every technician visit and on selected parts that would need replacement. You can also check another blog to find out the benefits of installing a new unit before summer emerges or why early repairs can help too.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can keep pollutants, contaminants, and irritants away from your indoor breathing space.

1. Always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions on your filters.
2. Depend on a trusted HVAC company to perform maintenance and tune up on your unit.
3. Invest in buying a new AC unit every 10-15 years for energy efficiency and long-term savings.
4. Turn off the unit when no one is at home.
5. From time to time, open the windows to allow the fresh breeze in and flush out pollutants.

Learn more about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to keep you and your family protected. Keep your home smelling fresh and clean all throughout the year!