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Reedley, California | History, Facts, and Places to Visit

Reedley, California, a city in Fresno County, is situated in the San Joaquin Valley. With a population of 24,194 based on the 2010 census, its chief economic source is agriculture, particularly fruit and vegetable cultivation. And this is why it’s dubbed as “The World’s Fruit Basket” since 1946.

History of Reedley CA

Reedley CaliforniaIt all started with an American Civil War hero named Thomas Law Reed. Reed settled in the area to provide wheat for Gold Rush miners in the mid-1800s. He donated land for a railroad station site which then developed into a town and later on became the center of the San Joaquin Valley’s booming wheat business. The Railroad officials named the city after him in commemoration of his vision.

The over 100-year tradition of field, tree, and vine fruit harvests began when the demand for wheat lessened after the mining fever started to fade. In 1913, cement sidewalks, sewer systems were developed as well as the construction of the first steel water tower. Farming families of European immigrants were then recruited to settle in the fledgling town, and the settlement was incorporated in 1913 as well. Reedley CA celebrated the first 100 years of its multicultural heritage and the 75th anniversary of incorporation in 1988.

Year ‘Round Festivals in Reedley

The Annual Fiesta – The main highlight of this festivity is the Fiesta Parade that features the beautiful pageantry and tradition of unique floats, custom automobiles, high-stepping equestrians, and spirited marching bands. Then there’s the Fiesta Walk Run, a highly competitive series race open to young and older children and adults category. Both competitive and non-competitive entries are available, and awards are given to each gender and age group.

Electrical Farm Equipment Parade – This event embodies the best of small-town charm which includes and is supported by the farm industry and the city moniker, The World’s Fruit Basket. “The Downtown Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place a few days before the big parade, bringing the shining star to guide you to the parade! Experience the chill in the air as an amazing light show honoring our local agricultural heritage parades through the heart of Reedley. Children and parents line both sides of the street in downtown to watch over 50 tractors, buses, combines and many antique vehicles all lit up with Christmas lights.”seecalifornia.com

More Reedley Events

Street Faire and Car Show – Every spring, since 1988, G Street is closed down to welcome live bands, a car show, carnival rides, booths, food and fun for the community to enjoy. The people consider it a great way to welcome spring.

Certified Farmers’ Market – “One of the area’s only serious small-town Farmer’s Markets. Our Farmer’s Market runs for 14 weeks on Wednesday afternoons and is state-certified for fresh produce. Shoppers, come ready to save on fantastic fruits and vegetables. Only the best will do! WIC and Senior coupons accepted.” – soilmate.com. It’s open on Wednesdays from 4pm to 7pm.

There are still many events and places to visit when you’re in town. Reedley air conditioning and Selma AC service are some of the best commodities available for residents and for families interested to settle in this colorful and historic place!

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