How Often Should You Service Your Furnace and Heater?

Most people don’t realize the importance of scheduling a heating repair even before the winter season really kicks in.

Emergency calls often come in when the heating system starts to show signs of distress just days into heavy use. Nothing is worse than a broken heater on a cold evening when most technicians are home with their own families. Calling out for an emergency technician to come and service your furnace will not be an enjoyable evening..

Spare yourself from all the trouble with early winter preparation. Now is the best time to contact a trusted heating contractor to conduct a thorough checkup and tune-up on your entire system.

How Important Is An Early Heating Service Intervention?

A heating repair service doesn’t necessarily mean a broken furnace, a malfunctioning boiler, or a dead heat pump. It can be a simple precautionary step in maintaining your home comfort.

An experienced heating technician will take several steps to ensure that overall system and the equipment itself will run smoothly, and this goes well beyond looking at the air filter or checking basic operation. A thorough inspection means all components are looked at and checked off on their condition in terms of performance and safety.

An early intervention also means escaping the dread of having to wait on the next available technician. At peak days, mostly at the start of winter, HVAC contractors are flooded with emergency calls from households who didn’t prepare early and are now stuck with a unit that won’t work. Prevent all that with an early heating service call.

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The Benefits Of A Timely Service Visit

#1 Prevent Energy Inefficiency

Your heater may still continue to work and provide the required heat within the entire household even when it needs repairs. However, this could mean losing energy, rendering the unit energy inefficient because it must work harder to sustain the regular temperature.

If the issue is minute, whether it’s a clogged duct, loose fan belts, or rusty parts; these defects will force your system to consume more power… and you’ll end up with a ridiculously expensive utility bill.

#2 Prevent Expensive Heating Repair Cost

The biggest problem when an issue is left unaddressed far longer than necessary is that it effect other components. The longer the delay, the more likely it will cost more when a problem develops. That’s the main benefit when you schedule an early maintenance visit.

#3 No Technician Availability Issues

By scheduling an early repair service you won’t have to worry about long delays waiting for service when the trouble has turned serious enough that you’re freezing in your own home.

#4 Have A Peace Of Mind

Isn’t it relaxing to take a seat and enjoy the warmth of your own home? Knowing that you have a fully functional furnace will help you focus on other important things. Plus you won’t have to worry about the next utility bill. Learn more about a good maintenance checklist.

Experts Get It Fixed Fast

Who To Call For Furnace and Heating Repair in Fresno

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating has been in service for more than 40 years, helping homes and businesses enjoy the winter season without having to worry about a broken heater.

We encourage our clients, as well as the Fresno community to make it a habit to schedule an annual maintenance service. A preventive maintenance helps us detect early signs of damage, tune-up components, and ensure that your equipment will last longer.

Want to learn about our preventive maintenance program, about the different heating systems and how to get discounts on repairs and part replacements? What about when seasons dramatically change and your heater needs love and care? Give us a call today!