Selma Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

Are you looking for an air conditioning service provider in Selma, California? Every summer, you likely fight the hot temperatures in town and then comes the cold winter. Now is easier than ever to find a company with the best heating and cooling services in the San Joaquin Valley. Whether installation, maintenance, service or repair, just pick up your phone and we’ll be there!

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating – Fresno Air Conditioning has been providing services around the valley and in Selma since 1976. We are the most trusted HVAC company across the county. If you’re looking to stay cool or are in need of some quick repair, a scheduled maintenance or installation, you know how to find us.

Air Conditioning Contractor Services

selma air conditioningA powerful and reliable air conditioner is as essential as water or electric power, especially when the hotter months roll around. Summer can be unbearably hot while winter turns cool. You should never give a chance for your equipment to malfunction or just breakdown. When you’re in this risk, you need to know there’s a company you can count on to fix your AC unit the right way.

Never wait until your air conditioner stops working or falls beyond repair. If you call a service supplier as soon as you identify a problem, the chances to get it solved are highly increased. The investment will be small and will guarantee a long lasting air conditioning service.

Air Conditioners and Systems

An independent AC unit is easier to fix than a large system of many machines. Our services are performed quickly and we respect the property we work at. You’ll probably not even notice a trace of us while we’re there fixing your equipment. When summer comes you’ll be pleased with yourself for repairing your air conditioner.

New Installation

Your comfort and you family’s depends on many different things; one of this is the air quality of your residence. When the air conditioner malfunctions you’ll suffer with the temperature under or above the comfortable zone, which is terrible to your productivity.

Service and Repair

You can pick up your phone, call us and we’ll be there no matter when. All of our AC repair specialists are highly trained to make sure you’ll make it through a summer or winter with the best efficiency.

Heating Contractor in Selma

Not only is summer a problem to people in Selma, CA. When the winter becomes ruthless and your heater doesn’t provide good results, it gets very noisy or even when it simply doesn’t work, you need to find a heating repair as soon as you can. And we’re here to help you.

Commercial and Residential Heating

Heating and cooling for commercial facilities is an important matter when the company worries about the comfort of its customers and employee productivity. Inefficient heaters that don’t work properly can make you spend so much money in energy that your business will feel an economic impact for sure.

ac repairThere are cases when an heating service won’t be enough, especially if the damage is too severe. Like most machinery and other types of equipment, our comfort units gets old and tired.

You’re probably worried that you’ll need to spend a lot of your budget to repair your heating system, but you need to know: There’s kind of issues that needs to be fixed as soon as they appear. We know this because we’ve been working on this industry 40 years, and a malfunction can become a huge problem to your company. Sometimes you need to replace the entire unit, and trust me: This is actually what will cost huge amount of your revenue.

Repair, Service, and Tuneup

Since we started offering our HVAC service in Fresno in the year 1976 we learned so many things that we’re ready to do the best repair, installation and maintenance you’ll be able to find. Check our blog to learn more about how we can serve your commercial facility and home.

Solar Solutions

Since we’re living in a time of high electricity costs, solar energy has become a large topic of economy and environmental care. But be careful, the inappropriate use can be as dangerous as other fuel sources.

It’s an investment that will save money for years to come, reducing your costs with fees and taxes. Our technicians care about residential solutions in solar panels and commercial solar installations. All of this to make sure you’re using the equipment in a better way.

When they’re not positioned the right way, solar panels lose their capacity to catch the maximum sunlight and you may not see a difference in your electric fees. Not only the equipment itself that matters but the way it’s installed and conservation state. Regular maintenance is essential if you want to make the difference.

Selma Air Conditioning | AC Repair and Service

Solar Energy Contractor

Our services extend through the region of Fresno CA, attending to Selma and towns all around the valley. Get in touch by our phone and find out how we can help you save money and environment with renewable energy sources.

Cold can be as bad as hot summer. Here in Marthedal we offer service of solar heating installation, repair and maintenance. All of this to keep you from discomfort caused by malfunctioning systems, and you know you don’t want to go through a freezing season to take action and select any random service that can not be the best option.

Alternative Solutions

Here in Selma we offer HVAC service as well, and this matter you can not leave to any company. There aren’t so many experts in the country that really know how to complete high quality installations, the risks are high and you don’t want to put yourself and your family in danger.

If you’re concerned about renewable energy, visit our solar page and learn more about all our services in Selma CA, our clients are always happy! Be sure to read some reviews!