5 Questions To Ask | Air Conditioning Maintenance Procedures

Air conditioning maintenance procedures are done to ensure that the air conditioning unit you have at home always at top performance level at all times. This is why you need a reliable HVAC contractor that is qualified to handle its maintenance needs. Finding the right one can be tricky yet vital at the same time. 

If you’re in the process of choosing one but couldn’t decide yet out of the potential candidates, here are 5 questions you can ask. Their answers will help you find the right people to take care of your HVAC system in the days or months to come.

The Top Performing Air Conditioning Maintenance Team

ac repairDon’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when you have doubts. A professional and qualified technician will always give you an honest answer, one that is best for your system and not what would benefit them more. Start with…

#1 How long have been providing maintenance service?

You want to avoid, at all cost, hiring a company that can possibly go out of business anytime. Avoid instability. Companies that have been doing business in this industry for years, or decades even, provide security. They have a good track record that made people stay with them and kept hiring them for the best maintenance services. Plus, their years of work has valuable experience and expertise in the field.

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#2 How many service trucks do you have?

Does the number of service trucks matter? Of course, it does. A company with a good number of service trucks in a huge city with many neighborhoods to cover is advantageous. This is because it may take a while for the tech guys to move from one location to another, especially on a busy day. Choose a service provider that owns multiple trucks and has a good number of technicians. Response time to scheduled and emergency service calls are immediate because they have enough resources to complete the job.

#3 How fast can you complete parts replacement?

The longer the downtime, the more inconvenient it is for you. So a technician that only takes less than an hour to reach your place isn’t really worth praising if it takes a week or more to get the needed parts to fully repair the unit. It’s best to know first if the company has a large inventory back in the headquarters or if they have connections to a lot of parts suppliers in the city.

#4 What services are included in the residential air conditioning plan?

Take note: Not all maintenance plan has the same coverage! Before agreeing to anything, carefully read the contract presented. Know what exactly is included in the maintenance checkup. Ask questions if some of the services you expect to be provided are not in the contract. The company may be able to provide a better or an upgraded service contract that matches what you have in mind for your heating and cooling system. Be mindful though, if the price offer is drastically lower than the usual price quote for the same service, then most likely the company is cutting out on some important steps in the whole process.

Here are some important steps you can do at home to help keep your AC system fully functional.

#5 Will you be assigned the same technician?

There is nothing more efficient than a technician who knows your system from the inside out, to have the same person to work on your AC since day one. But things can get problematic when the technician is away or leaves the company. To avoid this, look for a company that usually assigns a team of technicians to your account or in your area. This helps guarantee that whoever is assigned to perform the maintenance check is someone you know and someone who knows your system well.

Additional questions may come to mind when you’re talking to a representative from the company you want to hire. Don’t hold back and ask away. With the list above, you will have a good start and have a clearer picture if you’ve found the right team.

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