Using The Wrong Filter | Air Conditioning Repair Troubleshooting

When it comes to saving money on your energy bill, you usually think of ways to cut down on your energy usage without sacrificing home comfort. Experts often encourage consumers to invest in a new air conditioning unit that comes with a smart system that can easily detect possible issues ahead of time. But sometimes this isn’t always the case.  It helps when you know the basics of heating and cooling systems and how to troubleshoot.

There is one factor, which is often forgotten, that helps in cutting down energy consumption while keeping the entire system fully functional.

Air filters exist to screen the air that goes through your air conditioner. A common misconception about filters is that it purifies the indoor air. But really, it is designed to remove particles such as dust, dirt, molds (even pet hair) to prevent clogging and damaging the entire HVAC system.

Why Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Filter Matters

Clovis air conditioningEvery AC unit comes with a recommended air filter by its manufacturer – may it be the HEPA type or the traditional fiberglass type. This is because not all filters (and HVAC units) are created equal, and the wrong one could cost MUCH more than the money that you were looking to save.  It must be the right fit for your AC or else you’ll risk having frequent service visits for an emergency repair.

Remember, dense filters will naturally screen more dust from the air and will not need replacement as often as the other types; however, your unit may not have the suction power to properly screen the air that goes in and through the system. If this is the case, it can eventually cause blockages and even an electrical shortage.

Emergency AC Repair Due to Wrong Filter

There are many possibilities that can happen when it isn’t the right match for your comfort system. To mention a few:

  • If the size is too small, particles may pass through it and make their way into the air conditioner.
  • If the fibers are too tight, airflow is hindered and the air conditioning system may become strained, and eventually, may no longer function.
  • If it’s a mismatch, it can lead to a complete system breakdown.

It may be treated as an unimportant element in the overall comfort system, but it plays an important role. It is there to protect your furnace, air conditioning, heat pump or whichever system is installed in your home. Whether it’s for replacement or upgrade, always choose the recommended type for your system.

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