What To Do In And Around Fresno, CA

Bring out your family and interesting places with fun activities. Fresno, California has natural parks, recreational places, and adventure theme parks that will surely give the family happy and beautiful memories to keep.

There are several notable places in the metro and its surrounding areas that are worth visiting. Check out the list below:

#1 Fresno Chaffee Zoo

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo, located in Roeding Park, houses over 190 animal species. The 30-acre park’s main attraction include Stingray Bay, Dino Dig, Sea Lion Cove, African Adventure, Valley Farm, and Ross Laird’s Winged Wonders Bird Show. In 2016, a total of 964,091 guests were recorded, which makes it one of the most visited zoos in the U.S.

It was formed sometime around 1908, the first animals were mostly unwanted pets donated by Sezer Tamcakir. The opening of the zoo was officially recognized in 1929 as the Roeding Park Zoo. While at the zoo, you may be reminded that is it often extremely hot in Fresno! This can be a sudden reminder of your air conditioner service Fresno CA needs.

Check out the live webcam of the African Adventure!

#2 Shinzen Friendship Garden

Also know as Shinzen Japanese Garden, the Shinzen Friendship Garden is located in the Woodward Park in Fresno, CA. It was constructed to honor the metro’s sister city, Kochi, Japan to celebrate the spirit of understanding and promotion of educational and cultural awareness.

It is abundant with ponds where Canadian geese float by. There are cemented Japanese lanterns, and a curve bridge to walk over while appreciating the scenery. The Bonzai exhibit is breathtaking with some tree aging more than 500 years. While enjoying the sun and scenery, you may envision residential solar for your home!

#3 Kearney Mansion Museum

Consist of the main building and an adjoining servants’ quarters, the two-building Kearney Mansion Museum is located seven miles west of Downtown Fresno. The adjoined buildings were designed in French Renaissance style and built using indigenous materials available in the locality and through the use of Victorian stock moldings.

Martin Theodore Kearney decided to leave the estate to the Regents of the University of California in as early as 1899, in the hopes that the estate will be established as a college of agriculture. By 1962 the estate was leased to the Fresno City and County Historical Society as a museum. Heating and cooling in Fresno CA is something worth thinking about if the thought arises!

beautiful cherry blossoms on the Fresno Blossom Trail#4 Blossom Trail

Blossom Trail is not a botanical garden. It is a fruit trees garden where people can drive through the approximately 40 miles trails of blossoming trees. Different colored flowers is a must-see sight for backpackers and joy riders. Traditionally, the best time to see the trees in bloom is in between late February to the middle of March.

Because of the unique colors of each flower, it is easier to spot which tree is which fruit. Almond trees have white petals. Plum Blossoms are white. Apricot trees have pink petals. Peach and Nectarine have pink to red petals which bloom at the same time. Apples and Citrus also have white petals but citrus is distinguishable for its aromatic fragrance.