Why It Makes Sense | Home Air Conditioner Service

Summers in California can exponentially increase the labor of your ac unit, to the extent of overworking it some days all throughout the season. You need to find the best contractor for home air conditioner service near me. An overworked cooling system could lead to issues such as the temperature not cooling down or a broken thermostat, such unsightly news at a time when cooling down is necessary.

Weather data from areavibes.com shows an average temperature in Fresno for July is 85 degrees, with a max temperature up in the 113 degrees range. The air quality index in Fresno is 61% worse than the national average. So, it’s critical to have your AC unit in tip-top condition before heading into the summer months.

Prevent Air Conditioning Breakdowns

With the Fresno summer heat, how can you avoid being in a situation where your cooling system could cease to function? As spring is quickly coming to an end, consider some maintenance issues you could get ironed out early so that your transition into the high summer months is a breeze.

Fresno home ac serviceThis is why having a fully functional cooling unit throughout the hot season is important in order for families to live comfortably. And this is how preventive maintenance can help prevent a broken AC before it happens. One effective maintenance step is a routine AC tune up. It is a full diagnostic of your entire system which often includes:

  1. Inspection of all components for operating condition.
  2. Filters are checked and changed. 
  3. Electric connections are checked.
  4. Clean up on evaporator.
  5. Lubrication and coolant are checked, then refilled.
  6. Worn or damaged parts are replaced.

Different professional HVAC service in Fresno CA offer different tune up checklists, with even a more elaborate list of inspection and replacement, but the above mentioned are the most basic and should be part of your HVAC contractor’s checklist. Your home AC service shouldn’t be deprived of a proper tune up.

How Can You Benefit From An AC Service?

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating, we deploy the most experienced and skilled HVAC technicians to respond to system breakdown, new unit installation, or maintenance checkup. The benefits you can get from signing up to a ‘before and after use’ inspection for your cooling unit can help you save a lot, not just on the day you need technical, but as a lifetime savings.


A fully functional air conditioner unit in summer can make living more comfortable. But the unit needs to be durable, at all times, to guarantee comfort all throughout the hot season. With a durable unit, you shouldn’t have to worry about a sudden malfunction or having to invest in a new unit because wear and tear to your AC is beyond repair.

Energy Efficient

When all the parts of your cooling system are in perfect condition without any damage, the unit works efficiently without exerting too much effort or using up excessive energy. Broken or damaged parts tend to make the machine work harder which in turn will speed up its deterioration and consume more energy.

Cleaner, Breathable Air

Indoor air quality can be affected by dirty filters, coils, and other worn out parts, which can present respiratory risks to your family. With regular air conditioning checkups, these parts are kept clean and damage-free.

What is included in AC maintenance?

The benefits of a home AC service can help you save money, depending on how diligently you schedule your checkups and maintenance. Make it an annual or bi-annual service by signing up with Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating. We’ll even remind you so you don’t have to worry about remembering.

Our certified technicians have been in the industry for years, servicing Fresno for over 40 years. Take advantage of our free in-house consultation to find out what your air conditioning needs are for it to last longer and serve your household better.