What Is A Comfort Air Conditioning System?

Over the years, air conditioning has evolved into something obscure, rare, and ostentatious to a common item in most homes and buildings around the world. So, what is comfort air conditioning system?

Air Conditioning In The Past

Imagine its 1940s and you’re in a heatwave.. No escape.. No where to go. Just a fan. Suddenly, you hear that the town theatre is open for business with a new device that cools you down? You mosey down, and you see these signs outside on the signage.

  • “Cooling Plant”
  • “Refrigerating Plant”
  • “Refrigerated Washed Air”
  • “Cooled by Refrigeration”
  • “Never Over Seventy Degrees”
  • “Arctic Breezes”
  • “Cool and Comfortable”
  • “ 20 Cooler Inside”
  • “Refreshingly Cool”

It seems a miracle that something exists. So you pay your ticket, and go in to enjoy the cool haven. Thus, started comfort air conditioning- which is now the standard.

The Workplace Comfort

Alarm rings. Outfits are chosen, shoes selected. Its kind of nice now, may rain later.. A bit cold in the evening? Who knows. Employees find their way into the office. Inside the office, under layers, everyone starts shedding clothes. Surveys have found that office temperatures can dictate productivity in addition to comfort. So what is the perfect temperature for both comfort and productivity? Not to mention system efficiency..

The Perfect Spot

According to PGI.com

The Winning Temperature Is

Keep in mind that your ideal office temperature may fluctuate slightly depending on the kind of work and the people completing the task. For instance, women tend to get colder more easily than men. Warm environments may make creative and collaborative meetings more effective because the higher temperature induces positive, comfortable feelings.

Of course, we all know how uncomfortable and distracting a too-hot environment can be. For now, it’s all about finding the happy medium, rather than reaching the extremes of office tundra or desert. To foster a pleasant and productive working space for your employees, set the office thermostat to a sweet spot between 72 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermal ComfortWhat is comfort air conditioning system?

Our bodies are super sensitive to the temperature, and must be maintained within a window. When between 35 to 39 C, we operate efficiently and the body is able to maintain effectiveness. Once we go above or below that, we are in risk of major loss of efficiency. Then when above 43C or below 31C, can be lethal.

So, with modern appliances, its pretty easy to stay comfortable. But whats the perfect range for comfort air conditioning? Here is a way to look at our body temperatures and its effectiveness within temperature ranges. Image source

Determining Thermal Comfort

  1. Physiological factors. These are age, activity, gender and health.
  2. Insulating factors. This is clothing and apparel.
  3. Environmental factors. Is it humid, whats the air like, what are you sitting or sleeping on? 

Without air conditioning, there is a lot you can do to keep your body cool.

Use Fans

In the day, close windows, close curtains, and get the fans running. At night, when the outside air cools down, use of box fans to push hot air outdoors and ceiling fans to improve air circulation throughout the house.

Hydrate and Keep Drinking Water

Consume more water than you usually do so you can avoid dehydration. You sweat more when the body is trying to cool down. Consider drinking specially-formulated electrolyte replacement drinks to replace the fluids in your body.

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