Is Investment In A High Efficiency HVAC Worth It?

In your house, the chances are high that your biggest consumer of energy is the HVAC system. Especially if your house is large. If you are looking to make a smart move for your home comfort system, upgrading your system can be a game changer for your utility consumption and overall comfort. AC systems can become outdated, and often start becoming problematic after the 10 year mark.

So, lets get into it: is a high efficiency HVAC worth it?

1- AC and Furnace Cost Savings

Furnaces are rated by their AFUE rating (annual fuel utilization efficiency). Older generation models operate with around 65%- which means that 35% of the energy/heat is just lost. Current models hover around 95%, which means the energy is being directed where you want it, and not lost into thin air.

Air-conditioning systems are measured by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This is a different rating system, where the higher number means more savings, more efficient. Older generation systems are around 8 to 10 SEER. Nowadays, SEER ratings are as high as 25!

There is definitely a higher cost to buy a new unit, rather than waiting for your system to fall apart, but you make up for it in monthly savings in your energy bill. See the Energy star savings grid.

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2- Comfort Levels From New Heating and Cooling Installation

  • More heating
  • Constant temperatures
  • Constant air flow
  • Increased humidity control

3- Flow of Air

Variable motors mean that you have the ideal air flow in whatever room you’re in. They increase the pressure in the ducts to make sure that all vents receive the same level of air. These motors operate at high efficiency too, making sure that your energy levels don’t spike. This eventually turns into better comfort throughout the house.

4- Noise Reduction

When going through cycles, older generation machines start to shake, pound and startle everyone around. Modern models are smoother operating, and also have sound deafening materials surrounding all noisy clanky parts- ensuring peace and quiet.

5- Environmental Impactwhat is a high efficiency hvac system

Want to go green? By saving up to 33% of your system’s energy, you are doing your part to reduce your footprint, without sacrificing comfort.

This also plays an important part when looking to sell your home, per IdeaREI:

Energy Conservation And Going Green

Energy conservation is a major trend today, and people essentially conserve energy resources in order to save them from getting depleted, thereby impacting adversely on their energy consumption bills. Any buyer would love to purchase a house with an HVAC system that costs less and works more efficiently.

Environmental factors have to be taken into account too, as there are a lot of people who’re simply enthusiastic about saving the planet for posterity. If your system is an upgraded one, then it must possess the abilities to not produce greenhouse gases like methane and carbon monoxide. Preventing such harmful gases from diffusing into the atmosphere will have a great positive impact on the environment, and will also be a boost to your home’s value.

6- Complete Control from High-Tech Heating and Cooling

Thermostats are so high-tech these days. You can connect to your solar panels, control when your system cycles, control the temperature range, and set a calendar for the week or months- all from your phone!

7- Home Investment and New Installs

As HVAC systems are installed, they retain value for longer, as they have a longer expectancy. They also ensure that prospective buyers will save on their long term utility bills. Plus, no buyer wants a home with a loud, outdated, inefficient HVAC system. Is high efficiency hvac worth it ?

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Whether air conditioning returns some or none of its investment depends on several factors. When it comes time to sell a house, owners naturally try to make their homes as attractive as possible. All improvements, however, are not equal; only a percentage of the cost of many are recovered in the sale of the property and some return little, if any, of their original cost including central air units.

Bottom Line

In the end, a homeowner might recoup less than half the expense of installing central air. The decision to add air conditioning should depend on whether buyers expect it to be part of the HVAC system rather than any value it might add. If, however, the house is in an area where buyers discount the price for a house that lacks central air conditioning, it might be wise to add the component — if it can be accomplished without major renovation to the HVAC system.

Is A High Efficiency HVAC Worth It?

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