When Should You Consider A New Air Conditioner Installation

We’ve been talking about new air conditioner installation for months now since it’s timely; and mostly because people are always looking for ways to save money this summer without compromising the family’s comfort and health.

air conditioner service ClovisAfter spending hot summer days in the heat, coming home at night to a cooled room is just relaxing… until your old AC unit can no longer keep up with the heat and humidity. Most AC systems are designed to last for 15 to 20 years before they show signs of wear and tear or worse, stop working completely.

Will you wait for a disaster to happen before you consider upgrading your cooling system? When should you consider an upgrade?

How Can You Benefit from a New Air Conditioning Install?

An old ac unit may seem fully functional on the surface, but in actuality, it’s using a lot of excess power to keep your home cool. Upgrading to a new air conditioning has several benefits that can help you reach a decision.

  • It increases property value. An upgrade can increase your property value especially when the HVAC system that you install has exceptional improvements such as green technology or an AC that promises potential savings.
  • It has better air filtering process. Newer models have variable speed motors that better facilitate air movement throughout the home, which effectively creates even temperature throughout the home. And due to the quality filtration process dust is easily filtered, mold growth is prevented, and excess moisture is removed.
  • It offers a quieter environment. Your 24 hour air conditioning service must be the right size for your home. By taking into consideration the square footage of your home, proper air and duct sealing, and insulation, you will spend less time, effort, and money in maintaining your AC, which typically equates to living in a quieter household.

Maximize Your Home Air Conditioner

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