Dysfunctional Heating System? | Why is Furnace Installation so Expensive?

Why is a furnace installation so expensive? Is it necessary to buy a new unit? Or will a simple routine service suffice so long as the entire system still functions?

A furnace is a durable equipment that can operate well on its own. In general, a good furnace does not require frequent repair job when the installation is done right, tested according to HVAC standards, and is regularly maintained by a technician. All is well and you can think less about it.

However, any functional equipment or gadget has its downtime. And you need to know the difference between an emergency furnace repair service and a regular service job.

What a Furnace can Tell You

In winter, it is expected of homes and offices to have a working heater. This is to battle out the winter cold consistently while keeping the residents and occupants respectively comfortable in their spaces. On one hand, houses are made homey and inviting for relaxation, a little entertainment, and the security of a warm abode can give. Businesses and offices, and on the other, ensure that the employees and workers are given the best working conditions despite the cold season.

Commercial and industrial HVAC solutions are closely monitored for efficiency and effectiveness. This isn’t the case for home furnaces. People in their homes do not keep tabs of their heating system’s condition as regularly and as often as businesses do. Homeowners see it as an integral part of their homes, but that usually ends there. It isn’t given special attention most of the time, only when a new season comes in or if trouble arises.

A non-functioning heating unit can easily turn a seemingly ordinary and carefree day into a crisis dilemma. When it falters, it can easily cause panic and unease, a situation that can get out of hand especially when the only available technician is a few hours away, or worse, no one is available to respond to your service call.

Pay attention to your comfort system. Take note of signs, of unusual noises you haven’t heard before, of repetitive switching on and off of the entire system. Your furnace will tell you right away when there is a problem.

why is furnace installation so expensive

It’s All About the Furnace Replacement Price

As much as possible, people will prefer to repair their heating service than have the system replaced completely. A single repair job is much more affordable compared to buying a new unit or have the system replaced entirely.

“How to pay for a new furnace?”
“Do I have to replace both the furnace and air conditioner?”
“How much does it cost to replace a furnace and air conditioner at the same time?”

It all boils down to the price, the total cost one will have to spend on a replacement. If one is willing to spend on a new system. If one is ready for a new investment. And if one badly needs a new heater service.

Repair Service Vs. New Installation

It’s difficult to come up with a decision right away, one where you must decide whether to settle for a repair job or opt for a new installation. Every situation is unique. You have to weigh in several things, including your capacity to invest in a new system and the urgency of the matter. The following points will help you figure out which option is best for you and your comfort system.

When there is Carbon Monoxide emission.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer. Not just your furnace, but any system that exposes everyone in the household to carbon monoxide must be removed from the house the soonest possible time. Repairing it is not an option.

The leakage of this tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas can be due to a cracked combustion chamber. When this happens, everyone in the house unknowingly inhales CO. Continuous inhalation over a long time can lead to death.

Know the signs of CO presence, these include:

    • The furnace burner flame is yellow instead of blue.
    • Nausea, headaches, disorientation, and other flu-like symptoms are experienced.
    • Rusting pipes and an unusually high amount of soot around the furnace.

If these symptoms are present and felt, evacuate your home and seek medical assistance right away. Call the fire department for safety precautions. And hire an HVAC contractor for a replacement.

When repairs are more frequent and severe.

Excessive maintenance. Surely, you can’t save anything if you are spending more and more on maintenance and repair, each getting more severe than the previous job.

An old unit (more than 15 years in service) can still function efficiently with fewer repair visits. But, if a unit of this age or older now needs maintenance every few months, it’s definitely a red flag. Every unit has its life expectancy, and when yours reaches its limit, expect frequent repair and an increasing cost with every service.

When should you repair or replace it? Consider these:

Repair if the furnace is slightly new and has minor issues like thermostat repair, water leakage or frozen pipes, or a blocked blower fan.

Replace if the major parts are breaking down: damaged heat exchanger and cracked combustion chamber.

When the furnace efficiency fails.

Did you notice uneven heating throughout the house wherein other rooms are warmer than the others? Is the thermostat not hitting the right temperature? This and many more issues can pinpoint to the inefficiency of the heating system.

Try comparing its current performance to the previous years. Is it less powerful and is becoming inefficient?

It could be because of the duct system that’s already outdated, struggling to circulate heat evenly, or an HVAC that is already past its prime. Take time to observe these changes. The signs can worsen over time and maybe a furnace replacement is the only long-term solution.

Best Gas Furnace Replacement

Replacing your comfort system is a decision you can not make on your own. Have a professional assess the severity of the problem to help you conclude the best option for long-term benefits.

At Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating we help you find the most suitable furnace installation cost that fits well with your budget. It’s not just about providing service, it’s also about getting the job done right. Talk to us today!

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