Do You Need a Smaller Air Conditioner?

Blazing hot temperatures can make anyone want to consider a bigger, heavy duty ac installation. This is especially true during the peak of the summer season. A centralized AC system is ideal for both homes and businesses, but this isn’t always the case. In some cases, a larger and more powerful unit may not necessarily be a must have.

Clovis air conditionerTo cool smaller rooms or spaces, a smaller unit is more practical as it consumes less energy compared to centralized cooling systems. Smaller units won’t have you asking yourself “How Do I Service My Home Air Conditioner?” often because they are much easier to manage and manage given their size.

Emergency AC Repair | In-Room AC vs Centralized Cooling

Many households have window-mounted or in-room air conditioner because these appliances provide immediate comfort and relief and are great solutions for the extreme summer heat. Also, these units are considerably more:

  • Affordable – For people who are renting out an apartment or don’t plan to stay long in one place, smaller models are more practical since they cost less than a hundred bucks (and can be moved). Plus, when it comes to AC repair, the small ones are much cheaper to fix.
  • Energy EfficientThe latest models have energy-saver features that significantly help in cutting down a monthly utility bill. If you’re looking to cool one or two rooms, in-room air conditioners are more affordable to use.
  • Easy to Purchase – These units are available for purchase in department stores, hardware stores, and online. Installation doesn’t require professional technical skills, most come with an easy-to-use installation kit.

What to Consider When Buying a Window Air Conditioner

When you are considering buying a window or portable AC, you will have to consider the size of the room(s) as much as you would with its cooling capacity. Energy Star recommends giving these points some consideration too:

  • If the room is heavily shaded, reduce capacity by 10 percent.
  • If the room is very sunny, increase capacity by 10 percent.
  • If more than two people regularly occupy the room, add 600 Btu for each additional person.
  • If the unit is used in a kitchen, increase capacity by 4,000 Btu (British thermal units).

Marthedal Solar, Air & Heating | Residential Ac Repair ‘Near Me’

Indeed, investing in a smaller, portable AC is a great way to save on your electricity bill. It’s also ideal for people who travel a lot. Although a centralized AC system is more convenient for families, especially those who live in the areas with a scorching climates like Fresno and Clovis. Central air conditioning repair services are done by experienced technicians to ensure that all aspects of the unit are checked for possible damage or malfunction.

We always find ways to improve our heating and cooling services by consistently providing prompt service visits and timely maintenance checkup, and alternative solutions fit for every household needs. Check out our post about why some AC units short-cycle

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